A little more about me:

I am currently a consultant in marketing & communications, focusing on social media. To say that my background is varied would be an understatement. My previous roles include marketing & communications for the public and non-profit sector, a robotics operator, editorial work, and a media representative. I have created strategic social media plans, coordinated multi-level and multi-organizational agreements, worked with senior managers on annual budgets and community engagement initiatives, designed and printed promotional materials, maintained company websites, operated in-studio cameras, local and national newscasts, filed in-depth features and profile stories, and attended numerous public events and tradeshows to represent many organizations.

I enjoy short traveling when I have time, taking journalistic-style photography, snowshoeing in the winter and running 5K events year-round. My personal goal for the rest of 2015 and early 2016 is to train and complete the Creek Classic triathlon.

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