A sampling of the various projects I have been involved with:


This startup was booming and with all the customer and staff growth they were experiencing, social media became another avenue they wanted to grow but just were not able to commit the proper man hours to develop and maintain. By creating a social media plan, building several targeted campaigns and expanding their current audience through strategic community building, STAND DESK quickly had a more robust social media presence which echoed the company’s vision and mission. View the Facebook page or Twitter account.

School District 43 (Coquitlam) Social Media Summit

While working with the District, a strategic goal I set was to increase District’s social media presence, and in keeping with that, I organized the first Social Media Summit for the District in the late spring of 2013.

The Summit was an opportunity for over 75 representatives from inside our schools, from our partner/community groups, and from our parents groups to come together to learn how best to use social media for our related industries, to show how our peers are using it, and to coordinate communications amongst all our groups in a roundtable setting. The feedback we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive and, for some, it was the first chance they had to connect with different stakeholder groups within the District’s workings.

School District 43 (Coquitlam) Social Media presence

The District had reached a boiling point where it’s stakeholders were demanding more information from different channels, which were not available. By polling the audience, utilizing committees made up of various members of the district, and knowing the platforms which to communicate on, I  set up various social media accounts and strategically spread District news and response to issues in the social media sphere while connecting to the audience where they already are. View the Facebook page or Twitter account.

Alzheimer Society of B.C. 2010/2011 Annual Report

The 2010/2011 annual report was a departure from the previous years’ reports in that the report was printed as a full page advertisement in the Vancouver Sun and had numerous online aspects, as well as tying in to World Alzheimer Awareness Day. View a screen shot:






The Face of Dementia

In an attempt to keep the campaign grassroots, I captured both Youtube videos and edited them for the purpose spreading the word virally that the face of dementia may not be what one may expect. The videos were launched on World Alzheimer Awareness Day as part of a provincial awareness campaign. View video one and video two.

Alzheimer Society of B.C. Social Media Campaign

A first for the Society,  I developed and launched an online social media awareness campaign in order to achieve an overall strategic goal for the Society. The campaign is made up of education components, poll questions and increased interactivity with fans. View the Facebook page.